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 September 3, 2001
Lucky Find

This is the first KANOHI pack that I've ever seen or heard of that included not one, not two, but three MASKS.

UPDATE: MoD reader Brendan N. wrote in to say that he bought a KANOHI pack at TRU that came with a TAHU head, a red MIRU, light green RAU, and a dark grey HUNA. I'm still fairly confident that this is an extremely uncommon occurance, since LEGO is amazing with their part sorting QC. END UPDATE

At this point, with just over 100 packs bought, I've managed to pull six of the INFECTED HAU, and at least one of every basic MASK type except the trans-black KAUKAU (which I got free at the Meijer event), the tan RAU (which I traded for), and the dark grey RAU (which I also traded for).

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