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Don't Forget The Ussal Wax
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 4, 2001 at 08:58 PM CST:
Before I get into the hints, check out what the blue Ussal Crab is doing in the picture...

To see the set of hints you need, just highlight the invisible text below the problem you're having.

You won't actually have to solve any major puzzles here, but you will need to stop by TA-KORO so you can pick up something that belongs to you.

A TARAKAVA has attacked the village, causing a lot of damage. You'll need to figure out how to make the sunken hut float again. To find the missing piece, you'll probably want to shine a little light on the subject.

ONU-WAHI lightstone problem
The TOHUNGA have been cut off from their Lightstone supply. Once you've figured out how to get to the pump, you'll need to get all the buttons lit up. You can switch them on and off by pushing them, but it's tougher than it sounds. When you push a button, you will cause every button immediately adjacent to that button to turn on or off as well.

ONU-KORO mining problem
In order to fix the mining problem, you'll need to find the Great Mine first. Once you've found the obstruction, inspect it as closely as you can, and the miner should be able to tell you what to do. All you need to do is figure out where to get the two items you need.

This village has been laid flat by a plague, and you've got to figure out the cure. You'll need a couple items that can be found in the village. One of them is a key that will help you find a little fresh air. The other item needs to be given to ONEWA. To give him the evidence, you'll need to be in conversation mode and just pull it out of your inventory. He'll take it from there and tell you what you need to do. Once POHATU arrives to save the day, you'll need to play a little soccer. Just remember, the point of soccer is to hit the goal, not the goalie. Once you've solved this puzzle, take a trip back to chat with ONEWA and do what he tells you to do.

From what I can tell, you need to have the Episode Book before it will let you use the flute. There isn't any sheet music, but it will show you what to do.

When flying the KAHU, there are three things you need to pay attention to. 1: You're there to shoot the NUI-RAMA out of the air. Sounds simple, right? They can be rather tough to hit as they move very fast. The important thing to pay attention to is where the NUI-RAMA is. You don't get points for shooting them down, so you might need to concentrate on the ones that pose an actual threat. The ones that hover in front of you will eventually come in and attack if you don't shoot them first. The ones that fly by you are harmless, though there's no reason not to shoot them if you can. 2: Your poor KAHU can't take too much abuse. When you first start flying check the look of the pieces it's built of. As the NUI-RAMA take swipes at you, the condition of these pieces will change, and not for the better. If you look really beat up, you might crash the next time you get smacked, and that means having to start over. 3: If you look right in the center of the KAHU's back, there are two gear-shaped devices. These are cartridges full of discs. As you shoot discs, these will empty. When they are fully empty you'll have to wait a bit while they reload before you can shoot any discs. This is a bit dangerous as a NUI-RAMA can come along and beat up your bird while you're defenseless. If there are no NUI-RAMA to be seen and you're down to one disc, it might be a good idea to burn the last shot so you have a full load when the next bug shows up. After all, you might miss with that last shot. Once you've reached the actual nest, you don't need any items to finish the mission. Just look around a bit...

Once you've solved all these puzzles, you should have the following items, and nothing else, in your inventory:


Beyond that, there are currently no major puzzles to be found. Oh, and I really, really wants me one of them purple Ussal Crabs...

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