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KANOKA Club Now Open!
Posted by Mark on March 11, 2004 at 07:39 AM CST:
The KANOKA Club at is now open! There you can enter your KANOKA points from the TOA METRU sets and the codes from your KANOKA disks.

There is nothing to "buy" currently, but if you enter codes from the KANOKA Cards included with the TOA METRU you can gain access to that TOA METRU's interactive adventure. Solve the adventure to get a look at the BIONICLE 2: The Movie teaser.

The following is information from the Kanoka Club about the club:

You can use your Kanoka points to ?buy? wallpapers, screensavers, online games, first looks at trailers for the BIONICLE 2 movie, and more.


We want the Kanoka Club to be a fun and exciting experience for all, so we ask that you follow these few, simple rules:

Entering Kanoka Codes
1. You may not enter an individual code more than once.
2. Entering codes from disks other than those you have collected is prohibited.
3. Kanoka Club members who attempt to earn points by guessing at code sequences or by entering codes from disks they have not collected risk being banned from the club.

Ask Greg
1. Members are asked to submit no more than one question per week to "Ask Greg."
2. Questions must relate to BIONICLE.
3. No spamming, flaming, obscene language or other violations of Terms of Service.
4. Keep in mind that certain questions cannot be answered by Greg, for example, questions about upcoming BIONICLE movie plots.

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