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Posted by Mark on January 17, 2002 at 09:55 PM CST:
At first I thought the TOHUNGA NUI (shown above from the McDonald's-exclusive comic Challenge of the Rahi) was not much more than a tower of feet, but even if you have the original instructions, there are some tricky parts which I will elaborate on here.

Original Instructions

TOHUNGA NUI Original Instructions

The original instructions only present a front view, slightly off to one side, and a smaller front view (straight on). Most of the questions about the model can be answered by looking at the top and back views.

Click on any of the pictures for larger views.

Top View


From the top, you can clearly see the TOHUNGA NUI's pony tail, a black arm from ONEPU, that is only slightly visible in the original instructions, attached to a MAKU shoulder. The head is attached to the other shoulder.

The MAKU torso is mounted perpendicular to the other torsos and uses the right-leg hip socket to attach to the rest of the model. This primarily aids in balancing the model by moving the head forward.

Back View


The back view gives you another look at the pony tail, and it also reveals the other MAKU foot, mounted on the MATORO torso, with toes pointed down. This foot is barely visible in the original instructions.

In the comic, TOHUNGA NUI does not venture far before splitting back up into the constituent TOHUNGA. Considering the number of arms and heads which must have been left strewn about when they combined, that is probably a good thing!

Cannister front