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Yet Another Card Game?
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 24, 2002 at 10:56 PM CST:
This promo is available from May 24 to June 13 in North America. Given that the MATORAN Happy Meals were never released world-wide, and that the comics are written with English text (note that the mini-comic that ships with the BOHROK is not), I suspect that this promo will never see worldwide release either. Fortunately, since it does not involve some really cool LEGO? sets, it probably won't be as big of a problem as last year's promo was.

To start with, here are shots of the sole BIONICLE? surface on the bag. (The other three are filled with either skateboarding stuff or food-related jokes) As you can see, the card pack is preattached to the bag, so if you want a nice bag to keep, you'll have to be very careful about removing the card pack.

And then we've got shots of 28 of the cards, plus the two different card backs. Along with one of three mini-comics, you get four of the non-foil Quest cards and one foil Hero card in every pack (fortunately, this ratio is used in the new card game) I didn't feel like spending the entire evening attached to the scanner at work, so I just photographed the lot of them for now. I'm still missing the #21 KOPAKA and the #30 LEWA NUVA card, since I didn't get mispacked foils like Dimmensioneer did.

Okay, this appears to be a completely stand-alone game. The cards have McD's logos on the back, and the design looks nothing like the original CCG or the GAHLOK promos from the upcoming BOHROK CCG that were released through TRU. This game looks to be a more complicated, though shorter, version of the classicly boring War, where each player flips random cards face-up and compare values to see who automatically wins the round. Unlike War, this game introduces a few elements of strategy in that you can actually design your deck, picking both the basic Quest cards and the foil Hero cards that you will use in your deck. The other strategic part is that you have to choose when to play your Hero cards to influence the outcome of a round, rather than just taking the random losses as they come.

Instructions on how to play the card game can be found in the back of each of the three randomly packed mini-comics, or on the new page that has been set up here. You can play with one pack per person, though the game might be a little boring unless you get a few more packs so you can tweak an actual deck to suit your tastes.

As for the cards themselves, the TOA NUVA cards use new artwork of their KANOHI, but not their bodies, and the three EXO-TOA cards show the EXO-TOA from a few different angles (two of which appear to be new images). I'm not sure why one of them is called EXO-POHATU since I'm still convinced that he can't actually fit into the EXO-TOA that I got to play with at Toy Fair. All of the other cards, foil or not, use very familiar artwork. And I must say that I'm pleased to see that the NUI-JAGA card shows the purple one.

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