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Yet Another BOHROK Pic
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 8, 2001 at 07:56 PM CST:
GAHLOK can be seen here, courtesy of Geoffrey Hawley.

Now here are my thoughts on these guys. I've seen people speculating on LUGNET that they might be exosuits (which this pic pretty effectively disproves, if the pod-burster 'Truth' pic didn't do it for you...) or that they might be some sort of junior TOA sidekick-type creature. I've been very convinced since they first showed up that these will be the official anti-TOA. Here's why:

1. Michael dropped a hint quite a while ago that there would be lots of evil in the 2002 line, though he never mentioned anything specific.

2. The names don't match the colors. For instance, the red one (fire) is named GAHLOK. All of the BOHROK have names with prefixes that match the names of the TOA, but none of them match by color as well. If they were good-guys, the blue one should be named GAHLOK, not the red one. If they are bad-guys, it would make sense for GALI's opposite to be some sort of anti-water fire.

3. Good storytelling requires that the protagonist(s) should be met with ever-increasing challenges while leading up to the climactic conflict, rather than getting more help at every turn. True, this is the first time LEGO? has given full-scale storytelling a try, but I don't think they'd jump into it without thinking about where they'd want to go with it.

4. No MASKS. None. At all. At least none that show up in the pics I've seen. Every single good-guy has a MASK to help them in battle. Every single RAHI has an INFECTED MASK to bend it to MAKUTA's will. The BOHROK don't have any at all, which probably means that they are very willing servents of MAKUTA.

UPDATE: For those of you who have not seen it, here is the "pod-burster" picture from the back cover of the October 2001 BIONICLE? DC Comic (Part 3 of 3): Mark

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