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When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 11, 2001 at 08:47 PM CST:

This is not your standard board game. This one has an added element of randomness to throw at you, since you build the game-board as you play, using twenty hexagonal plates about 6 1/2" across. If you want to build them into the true MATA NUI map, after I figured mine out, I did notice that each connection portal pair is labeled with a different character from the BIONICLE? alphabet, or one of the number characters. The letters 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', and 'I' are each used twice, and the letter 'L' isn't used at all (hence the extra pair of 'I's). Anyways, I would highly suggest playing with random map-plates since not knowing where the final goal is will seriously affect game-play.

The game comes with six tokens and matching collection cards, one for each TOA. There are also three dice; a green d12, a red d8, and a white d6. (Note: a d12 has twelve sides, a d8 has eight sides, and a d6 is the standard 6-sided die used in most board games) Oh, and you get the can-top from the ONUA set, which is used to represent MAKUTA's shrine during the game.

When you play this game, the object is to run around the ever-expanding board, searching for KANOHI and TURAGA to help you on your quest, collecting key-tokens to unlock MAKUTA's shrine, and fighting RAHI to gain access to new areas. When you're packing as much help as you can, and three key-tokens, you go hunting for MAKUTA's shrine and try to find a door that you can unlock. When you do unlock a door, you do battle with MAKUTA. Whoever beats MAKUTA wins the game, but if he beats you, you'll lose one of your precious tokens and most likely have to spend time hunting for a replacement.

It looks like a fun game to play, though my two fish and the caecilian worm didn't sound too interested in giving it a try, and since I'm sick right now I don't want to risk passing it on to any of my friends.
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