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What Has Six Legs, Two Arms, And A Mean Disposition?
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 8, 2001 at 11:03 AM CST:
This is the first in my six-piece run of TOA KINO, since I am planning to revise the EVIL TAHU MOC to be much more involved. TOA means 'warrior in Maori, and KINO means 'evil'. This series of MOCs will explore what could happen to the TOA if left under the influence of MAKUTA for too long.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a rather involved MOC, utilizing pieces from over five different sets. I had to buy three ONUA sets to get all the feet and PAKARI MASKS, a NUI-RAMA to get the black heads and arms, and a NUI-JAGA to get all the black legs. I also used a LEWA eye-piece, which will be a common theme throughout the series.

The design is based around a tarantula body, but with the two foremost legs being switched up to fill in as arms. The abdomon design was not part of the original idea, but without one the MOC just didn't look right, so I quickly based the look off the FIKOU spider featured in the most recent LEGO? Mania Magazine. The legs went through about four different designs before I found one that I was happy with, and the position of the shoulder joints also went through a few changes. The head sits lower than the normal ONUA head by replacing the original neck joint with a #3 plus-rod that goes straight into the actual head-piece, rather than the base of the eye-piece. The PAKARI MASK worn by this MOC is a hand painted 'INFECTED' design, which will also be a comon feature throughout the series.

Cannister front