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Weapon Mounts Galore!
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 3, 2001 at 03:34 PM CST:
Once again, Evil TAHU graciously volunteered to come down from his perch atop my monitor so he could spend a little more time in the spot-light. Well, okay, he didn't really get a choice. We've got two new weapon mounts here, submitted by MoD readers who weren't able to submit their own photos, so I've produced them myself.

The first one here is from MoD reader Darryl Park. Using a #2 plus-rod, a #2 black double-pin, and a #2 light grey pin/plus-rod combo combined with a pair of flat #3-length plates, this design leaves the weapons slung a bit low on the back. Also, it only works if you mount the weapon by the hole right next to the plus-rod hilt. The constructed unit plugs into the plus-hole on the back of the TOA, right below the gear-box extension.

Next, submitted by MoD reader Andrew Bulthaupt, this weapon mount is a bit unusual in that it attaches to the left shoulder. When I asked about this, I was told that since the weapon mount interferes with the gear-driven attack feature, Andrew decided it would be better to put it on the left shoulder. Of course, if you choose to use this yourself, you could always put it on the right shoulder and remove it when the weapon is 'unsheathed'. The design of this one uses four pieces, consisting of a #2 plus-rod, a #2 black double-pin, and two of those weird little perpendicular joints, such as the one used between WHENUA's shoulders where the necks are mounted on the other five TURAGA. This unit plug's into the plus-hole immediately behind the shoulder-joint.

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