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Watch This!
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 8, 2002 at 12:59 AM CST:

At the very top is a shot of Evil TAHU wearing the new BIONICLE? Watch with the HAU attached over the face. Below that are shots of the packaging from front, right, and back, and another shot of Evil TAHU wearing the same watch but with the compass attachment in place of the HAU.

If you've never bought a LEGO? watch before, they're designed with a special linkage for the watchband that allows you to seperate each segment and rearrange them however you like. The segments come in different colors, so you can make whatever pattern you like, and this particular watch comes with four segments for each of the six elemental affilliations plus an extra six black segments. It also comes with a small bow-tie shaped attachment that snaps onto the face of the watch and has plus-rod holes for attaching the dark-grey TOA head, thus allowing you to mount the included KANOHI to it. Alternately, there is a smaller light-grey ring that can be attached to the face, and at the cardinal directions it has four numbers (15, 30, 45, & 60) which I must assume are there to help the younger crowd keep track of what the minute tally is.

One thing to remember with this watch, though, is that the band is made entirely out of plastic, so if you play a little rough, or you work in a physically-oriented job, you could easily find yourself having to swap broken segments for your spares.

Cannister front