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Want Seven Free KANOHI Packs?
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 16, 2001 at 06:56 PM CST:
No, I'm not actually offering them. If you live near a Meijer store, go there right now. They are running a sale on all LEGO? product (excluding MINSTORMS? stuff) for a whopping 20% off. And yes, that includes BIONICLE? stuff. I bought a set of MUAKA/KANE-RA and seven KANOHI packs for just over $70, which is about MSRP for the M/K set by itself. In this case, it was like I got seven free KANOHI packs. The sale started back on the 12th and will end on the 18th (Saturday), so there's not much time left to take advantage of this sweet deal.

If you work at a store that sells LEGO? product, please write in to let us know when you will be having sales, as I almost missed this one.

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