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Walking The BIONICLE™ Walk...
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 26, 2002 at 09:12 AM CST:
MoD reader Luckypup31 writes in to say that the new
BIONICLE™ shoes are available on S@H for preorder, to ship by November 14th. The shoes come with removable red HAU NUVA toe-covers, retail for $49.95, and range in size from Child 12" to Youth 6. Also listing for preorder are the KAUKAU NUVA and MIRU NUVA replacement toe-covers, which sell for $9.95 per pair. There are seperate listings for each size (see below), so make sure you get the right ones. Keep in mind that they are listing for North America only at this time. Whether they will become available to Europe or Australia/New Zealand remains to be seen.

Shoes w/ HAU NUVA:
Child 12", Child 13", Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, Youth 4, Youth 5, Youth 6

KAUKAU NUVA toe-covers:
12C-13C, 1Y-2Y, 3Y-4Y, 5Y-6Y

MIRU NUVA toe-covers:
12C-13C, 1Y-2Y, 3Y-4Y, 5Y-6Y

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