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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on August 22, 2002 at 09:53 PM CST:
I grew up in the age of Star Wars, and part of that involved being around for what was probably the world's first CGI-intensive movie, known as Tron. One of my favorite parts of that movie was the light-cycles, and while the MATORAN body shape doesn't really work with that design, these two BioCycle MOCs were directly inspired by those light-cycles.

The first one is the INFERNO TK, driven by WERANGA from TA-KORO. It features head and tail lights, front and back suspension, and is built primarily using sturdy frame parts from scavanged TAHNOK shells. With a top speed of 260 BIO per hour over lava fields and desert terrain, it has become an invaluable resource as a high-speed courier and scout vehicle in the struggle for both TA-KORO and PO-KORO, though it's not very useful in the narrow, twisting tunnels of ONU-KORO.

This version is the AVALANCHE 2000, driven by WHAKATU from KO-KORO. It is built using the same general construction as the INFERNO TK, but it is built primarily using frame parts from abandoned KOHRAK shells. This version works best in the snowfields of KO-WAHI, and typically bogs down on the soggy beaches of GA-WAHI and has trouble navigating the dense terrain of LE-WAHI.

When not actively being used in the struggle against the BOHROK, the BioCycle riders get together for informal races over a variety of terrain, so that no rider has a specific advantage. While MATORANS from some of the other villages have looked into the possibility of developing their own BioCycles, it has been discovered that the LEHVAK shells are not conducive to BioCycle construction.

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