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Toy Fair Prelude
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 16, 2003 at 06:44 PM CST:
I'm back in my friends' apartment, and I've got 208 Toy Fair photos (78 are BIONICLE™ related) on my far. Obviously, they're not all going to be posted by the end of the day, but I'm going to see how much of the BIONICLE™ stuff I can get done.

As for my day so far, I spent an hour travelling by subway, five hours photographing pretty much everything in the showroom, most of an hour chatting with Lincoln (he's the new Brand Manager for BIONICLE™) in the super-sized BIONCLE™ Toy Fair van, another hour returning by subway, and now that I've had something to eat, I can start to edit photos.

Also, as a general note, since my Hotmail account is constantly pushing the modest allotment of filespace, I have switched to a new e-mail account. While I will still be maintaining my Hotmail account for e-mail lists, emergency use, and other such things, if you want to make sure your e-mail doesn't bounce, I would highly suggest sending it to

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