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Toy Fair Prelude
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 16, 2003 at 06:44 PM CST:
I'm back in my friends' apartment, and I've got 208 Toy Fair photos (78 are BIONICLE? related) on my far. Obviously, they're not all going to be posted by the end of the day, but I'm going to see how much of the BIONICLE? stuff I can get done.

As for my day so far, I spent an hour travelling by subway, five hours photographing pretty much everything in the showroom, most of an hour chatting with Lincoln (he's the new Brand Manager for BIONICLE?) in the super-sized BIONCLE? Toy Fair van, another hour returning by subway, and now that I've had something to eat, I can start to edit photos.

Also, as a general note, since my Hotmail account is constantly pushing the modest allotment of filespace, I have switched to a new e-mail account. While I will still be maintaining my Hotmail account for e-mail lists, emergency use, and other such things, if you want to make sure your e-mail doesn't bounce, I would highly suggest sending it to

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