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Today Is The Start Of The McDonald's BIONICLE™ Promotion
Posted by Philip on September 7, 2001 at 01:14 AM CST:
BIONICLE™ hits the big-time Friday September 7 in the U.S. and Canada. Running from September 7 to September 27 at participating restaurants, kids, and adults wishing they were kids, will get LEGO® BIONICLE™ action figures with their Happy Meals® and Mighty Kids Meals™.

From the McDonald's News Release:

"The McDonald's Happy Meal event marks the first appearance of the brand-new "Tohunga" BIONICLE figures, featuring six tribal villager characters never before available. These mini action figures can be collected and combined to build a variety of different-size structures or one large super-figure."

"The Legend"

"Many years ago the island of Mata Nui was named after the great spirit who was sent from Paradise to protect living things. This island was safeguarded until Mata Nui's jealous brother Makuta cast a spell over Mata Nui to bring darkness to the island. The islanders, included in the Happy Meal promotion, used their knowledge of the legend to summon the Toa, six mighty heroes who use their powers to fight the evil Makuta and try and restore peace to the island of Mata Nui."

A complete set of the toys will include six. Their names are Onepu, Huki, Kongu, Jala , Matoro and Maku. You'll want to have at least two sets of these for your collection. I can personally see lots of Happy Meals are in my immediate future.

It should go without saying that McDonald's Happy Meal events are very popular. Combine that with LEGO and you have a perfect match. But BIONICLE is really special and kids are already catching on very fast. This promotion should prove to be a launching pad rarely seen for a toy line.

According to a McDonald's spokesperson, there are no current plans to offer this promotion outside the U.S. and Canada.

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