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Toa MAHRI First Glance, Hahli
Posted by Richard on July 5, 2007 at 11:13 PM CST:

Toa HAHLI is our latest incarnation of the water toa set, and is for the most part the same basic construction of her last incarnation except this time around she has a structure on her back to attach her fin/wing structure, and a piraka torso is used in place of the Inika back. The basic construction resembles kalmah's form our last set of villains, neglecting the frontal design in favor of the back.. Anyone who disliked the inika parts with the blue with white swirls will be happy to find they now have the parts in solid metru blue. Other than parts in new colors, the rest of the new parts are comprised of the tubing around the mouth, the mask, fins, tool, cordak and its munition.

The fins are rather thin and do leave me worried I might break them if Im not careful, and I wouldn't know what word to use to describe them, but the design is nice and they'd easily make a good few weapons for other MoCs as they look like something that came out of a horror movie style hacksaw. The tool Hahli uses reminds me of a trident with fangs around the middle tooth. It's center tooth is pretty sturdy while the fangs are a bit flexible, though its not a rubber mix with hard plastic like some of the barraki and hordika tools. The tubing is the same as the tubing on the other two mahri, except it might be a size smaller. The mask itself, like many of the recent masks have those small plugs, three in all, four counting the one that makes up the "mouth" on the toa but I cant seem to get anything to stay plugged into it. The two plug holes on the side hold clips that hold the tubing on the mask, which could be circumvented if you had a longer tube and plugged the ends directly into the mask rather than on the clips, because when I tilt lt the head to the sides the tubes pop out and limits the articulation. The third usable hole is on the top of the mask, and is used to hold a light blue transparent piece which a forum member pointed out was a lighter blue than the ones on the barraki sets, giving us one more "eye" color to use. this shade of blue matches the visor for this mask, and unfortunately, Hahli uses the same color visor as the other two toa Mahri I received. This mask probably has the most overall MoCing potential, too bad it seems to only come in two colors, one blue, the other, if iI remember right, the light green that makes up hahli's secondary color and Toa Lisovik who is rumored as showing up in some of the walmart stores ( This is unconfirmed though if he's in stock anywhere yet ). This mask has so many holes and plug in spots, plus the design makes it good as an armor part or other clever designs.

The articulation on the wing/fins is very good and I found they could get about every pose you'd want to use them for, but the construction that holds them on her back feels a bit sloppy and resembles a piece of detachable equipment since it doesn't blend into the set very well, per my opinion. but the wings are what make his toa stand out most of all and could be why she stole front of the posters this year for her overall great design.

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