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Times Square TRU Event
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 16, 2002 at 06:49 PM CST:
MoD reader Jim Hines sent in a few shots from the event today. The first one way at the top shows his son Griffin (wearing the PAKARI) and Griffin's friend Katie (wearing the KAUKAU), and perched above them is the lifesize TAHNOK, though someone broke the gold HAU off his hand on between my Sunday and Tuesday visits. The KANOHI that the kids are wearing play a video about the BOHROK, and appear to have been salvaged from the FIND THE POWER tour vehicles. They did not win one a solid gold HAU, but they did walk away with a very impressive array of loot, including KRANA, KANOHI, autographed comic books, autographed posters, non-autographed posters, and pins. Also, they said that the event coordinators were giving away a solid gold HAU (valued at $800) every half-hour, not every hour as I was told.

The next two pics are of four members of the comic-book artistic team who were signing autographs for the event. I understand that they were signing not only posters, but issue #4 of the comic book.

These two pics aren't really specific to the February 16th event, but they're really cool nonetheless. They show a lifesize TAHNOK rolled up into a ball

These next two pics were taken by me on Tuesday morning, before I flew back. One of the many people I met at the GALIDOR? party (possibly Colin, but I can't remember for sure) asked me if I'd seen the BIONICLE? billboard outside of the Times Square TRU store. I hadn't, so I made a last minute trip to get some pics of it. The first thing I noticed was a large video screen (above left), which eventually started playing BIONICLE? material. Given the way it was hyped to me, I was somewhat less than impressed. As I was preparing to pack up my camera, however, I looked up and saw the gigantic scrolling billboard (above right) that was next to it. Realizing that this was what I had been told about, I quickly moved down the sidewalk to get a good shot of it before it scrolled on to the next scene. I figure it must be somewhere between 30-40 feet tall, and I was told that it cycles through the entire array of scenes about every four minutes.

Finally, a lot of people are probably wondering about what I'm like outside of my work on this website. I had my friend Jer snap a shot of me at TRU before we left, though I'm betting it's not what any of our readers were expecting...

Cannister front