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Time Out For VAHI
Posted by Purple_Dave on July 1, 2002 at 04:00 PM CST:
UPDATE: All of my spare receipts have been claimed at this point.END UPDATE

I bought a few BOHROK VA during the promotion period and I irked more than one clerk by having them ring them all up as seperate purchases, so I would not have more than one per receipt. After spreading a few around locally, I have five extra receipts that I can't use. I'll fill out forms, at no charge, for the first five people who meet the following requirements:

1. You must be able to send me your mailing address. (Do not send it until I've confirmed that you made the list, as I don't want a flood of personal addresses) If you are a minor, you need to ask your parents permission before doing so. If I tell you that you're on the list, you will have one full day to get back to me with your address or I'm moving on to the next person in line. I don't have a problem with people getting in line prior to asking for permission to send an address, as long as they DO NOT SEND THE ADDRESS until permission is obtained.

2. You must have a US mailing address, since I will be filling out the claim form with your address, and the offer is not available outside of the US.

3. You cannot have already sent in a form, or be planning to do so. Walgreen's will only honor one claim per address, so if you send in another form, you'll just be wasting one of my receipts and causing someone else to miss out. Intentionally ignoring this requirement will result in permanent disqualification from any future contests held on

4. I must ask that if you have already obtained a VAHI through some other source, that you leave these for people who have not been able to get one yet. Don't be greedy and screw someone else out of what might be their only chance to get one of these.

5. First come first serve. Since the Walgreens offer is limited to only the US, I intentionally waited until a time when pretty much everyone in the US could be logged on, so I don't expect these receipts to last very long. If you want one, don't wait around to contact me.

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