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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on December 17, 2001 at 08:59 PM CST:

These things are way cooler than the previous images have even begun to show. The three images immediately above show the front (left) and back (center) sides of the new 'pod' packaging and an interior view (right) with the back label removed and NUHVOK suspended within. In the pic at the very top we see that as was hinted in the TECHNIC Catalog pics, the BOHROK do, indeed, hang from the pod tops. The stickers on the outside of the pod can are supposed to be removed so you can see the BOHROK suspended within the pod.

Above we have shots of the BOHROK from front, left, back and rear. Due to how the hip and arm joints are hard-mounted to the torso, they aren't quite as poseable as the TOA, but they do have a good range of motion. Not counting the KRANA and hands, I count ten distinctly new pieces in this construction. The KRANA are made out of rubber, not hard plastic like the KANOHI. While it is possible for the TOA, TURAGA, and TOHUNGA to wear the KRANA, there is barely any space inside the BOHROK head, so none of the KANOHI would fit unless you ground it up into powder.

Here we see shots of NUHVOK rolled up into a ball from both the front and right sides. Unlike the Star Wars Droideka, which these have been compared to, this really looks and feels like a ball instead of a disc. Everything tucks in very easily, and the pegs that hold the green rubber band hook under parts of the arms to prevent the head from flopping while rolled up, though I couldn't say for sure if that is intentional.

The next pic shows the attack lunge. There is a light grey piece sticking out of back, and when you press it down it causes the head to flip forward with a sort of head-butt attack. The head ends up at about the same height when fully extended, so the only way to attack a TOA-sized creature is to lean these guys back a bit. Without 'jumping', there is no way they can take on something like the TARAKAVA.

The final pic shows how they can be defeated. If you strike the trans-green pieces (fangs, eyes, I'm not sure...) on the front of the head, they will flip down and lever the brain-box up. This causes the face-plate to flip open and the KRANA goes flying, which is probably why they made these out of rubber instead of hard plastic. I actually like it, as it gives them a more organic 'brainy' sort of look.

Cannister front