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Thrice Used Photos
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 7, 2001 at 09:03 PM CST:
MoD reader Jeremy Shung submitted a scan from the Sears Wishbook catalog, and MoD reader Golden Kanohi sent in what looks to be a production photo. Unlike what I was told previously, it is pretty clear from these two pics that the RURU are trans-blue, not trans-green, unlike how they appear in the online catalog photo. I've compared these two images with each other and the one from the Sears online store, and all three seem to be made with the same photo, but none of them appear to be the original. Golden Kanohi's photo is the only one that hasn't had the shadows edited out, but they are cast at different angles, suggesting that one of the MANAS has been flipped 180 degrees. Since the MANAS in the back is partially covered by the one in the front, it can't be an original picture, as both of the other two images show the missing section.

Cannister front