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Things That Don't Work
Posted by Mark on May 14, 2003 at 09:54 PM CST:
If you have the Mask of Light Production Journal application sitting in your Notification Area of the taskbar (near the clock), then you have probably been staring at a big red "X" ever since you installed it. I know I have.

Well, just because the auto-notification feature of the Production Journal is not working does not mean that updates are not occuring. Au contraire! The third update was just unveiled this morning.

So, how can you see it if all you have is a big red "X"? Find the file named ""prodJournal.exe". It is probably located in your ""C:\Program Files\Production Journal" directory. Double-click or "Run" that file and you are back in the movie business baby! is not the only website with problems; we were having our own problems here too this morning. Our apologies if you were unable to browse Mask of Destiny earlier today or send us email. There were some sudden unexpected changes beyond our control. Hopefully everything is back to normal now.

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