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The Toad Reskinned
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 28, 2002 at 08:41 PM CST:

When I think of a cave toad that's supposed to leap forth and gobble up unsuspecting passers-by, I don't think of something with bright red and orange parts. Dark, earthy colors come to mind. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of the right parts in brown (and, in fact, some of them have never been made in brown), so I picked black.

The black ball-eyes didn't look very predatory, so I rebuilt the head a bit to allow for a pair of NUHVOK eyes to be used instead. There aren't any black bushings, so I gave it a few extra "teeth" instead. I added a pair of 1x3 liftarms to the back to give it a little extra bulk, and I redesigned the area around the rubber-band to work with the black parts I had available. Finally, I did a serious rework on the legs, replacing everything except the shoulders for the front pair and the entire assembly for the back pair. The result is a much more toad-like shape to this creature.

I envision this as being the sort of creature that will sit back in the shadows of a cave entrance and wait for something tasty looking to walk by opening. When something does, it would lunge forward, latching onto the unsuspecting prey with its mouth, and then it would drag its meal back into the shadows again. No sticky tongue for this guy...

Cannister front