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The Time Has Come
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 30, 2002 at 06:55 PM CST:
A few months ago we found out that the PC game had been dropped with no chance of being brought back. A lot of us, myself included, were concerned about this a little less for the loss of the chance to play a computerized TOA than for the fact that the PC game was going to come with what is perhaps the most interesting KANOHI design to ever see production.

The VAHI will be an exclusive to comic book stores that sell the BOHROK VA sets, so it might be a bit tricky for everyone to get ahold of. Sabre suggested checking with your local comic shop(s) and seeing if they will be carrying the BOHROK VA, and if so, how they will be distributing the VAHI MASK.

If you're new to collecting BIONICLE? and haven't seen what the VAHI looks like, in the above pic you can see the concept image I posted back in August. The right side shows a scan from the inside back cover of the black/yellow MANAS instruction book. The upper right inset shows a larger version of the 'Mystery Mask' pic in the lower left corner of the scan, and the lower left inset is a version that I completely recolored to give an idea of what the actual VAHI would look like on TAHU's head.

Cannister front