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The Tallest KAITA Of Them All
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 8, 2002 at 04:35 PM CST:

AKAMAI NUVA seems to be an improvement on the AKAMAI design, rather than a completely new construction, like WAIRUHA NUVA. The torsos are laid out the same way as before, and the legs are built using four limbs each, but in a much improved configuration over the clunkier TOA KAITA leg design.

The head is mounted using a different construction that allows it to wobble side to side, though it can't turn or look up and down. This model uses a lot more of the armor pieces than WAIRUHA NUVA, but with more parts to cover, there are still quite a few places that the leftover pieces can be attached.

I still find that the arms appear too short for the rest of the body, but this is less of a problem with the left arm, since the KODAN Ball looks more like a natural claw than a wielded weapon. It would look better, however, if it extended straight out from the arm. The right arm uses the same double-ended weapon configuration as KOPAKA NUVA and WAIRUHA NUVA, but this time the upper blade has the edge facing towards the arm, rather than away from it.

The legs have been slimmed down quite a bit. They have shifted down to only one TOA foot each, the thighs and shins have been reoriented to give a more narrow look from the front, and the old gear-driven "walking" feature has been left behind. I find that the result allows for much more dynamic poses than the original TOA KAITA leg design.

I think the single most annoying design choice on this model was to attach two TECHNIC? balls to the backs of the gear systems that operate the arms. There are plenty of standard full bushings left over from the three incorporated sets that could have been used instead, freeing those pieces up for more productive uses, like building more USSAL crabs.

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