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The Snake Restruck
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 21, 2002 at 10:20 PM CST:

Any snake that's 4 BIO long should look extremely sinister, and there's probably no snake that looks more sinister than the cobra, with its distinctive hood and black coloration.

To build this version, I started by rebuilding it entirely in black, with bright red eyes. I then swapped out the pieces right behind the eyes to give it a more hood-like look, and I snapped a pair of white 1x1 dots into the hood to emulate the famous wishbone pattern on the back of a cobra's hood. I would prefer a longer hood, but I found that it interferes with the neck articulation.

The other change that I made to the physical design was to trim down the base of the neck, since light-grey half-bushings would look way out of place on an all-black body. Unfortunately, switching to black friction pins and reducing the size of the knob to activate the strike attack results in a much stiffer articulation, but it does look a lot better.

Cannister front