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The Showroom
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 11, 2003 at 09:14 AM CST:
The first picture is just a wall divider from the showroom itself, but all of the rest of the photos were taken in the unusually decorated reception area.

It's pretty hard to miss the LEGO? showroom, as the doors to the reception area are decorated with handles that are shaped like bricks, and the walls inside are fitted with giant bricks that dwarf any puny little human who walks by. Hidden right inside is a rather impressive brick sculpture of one of the models from the Mini Robots set (last year they had life-sized sculptures of Darth Vader and Harry Potter).

In the center of the waiting area is a large table holding a giant punch-bowl full of yellow bricks, which visitors are free to play with (notice that at least one construction is sitting near the front edge of the bowl), and a red speakerphone sculpture. Sitting on the familiarly shaped end-tables around the room are sculptures of hot cocoa mugs (I know it's cocoa and not coffee because at least one of them has "marshmallows" in it).

Up above the receptionist's desk is a very strange looking clock that does actually work (pay special attention to the ceiling panels immediately above it), while over against a nearby wall is a brick-sculpted flower. Sitting on the receptionist's desk is an intricately designed floral arrangment (Donna prefers if people refrain from touching it, as pieces usually get knocked off as a result), with a few problem "visitors" just standing around nearby. Speaking of which, observant visitors who look behind some of the furniture in the way back corner, you can see where they must have come from (yes, it's all built with bricks).

Cannister front