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The Scorpion Rebuilt
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 3, 2002 at 01:13 PM CST:

My main gripe was the orange/grey color scheme, which just completely didn't work for me. I would have prefered to rebuild the KOFO-JAGA entirely in red and orange, but I was short about six red parts that I would have needed, so I had no choice but to build it with a few black parts. Of course, as I discovered with my Dragon of Fire, black accents look very out of place on a red/orange design, so I ended up switching some of the orange pieces back to black.

I was also not very happy with the rubber-banded head design, so I swapped out the light-grey plus/pin combo for a black friction version, which keeps the head from flopping around well enough by itself. The TECHNICŪ balls are far too valuable to use as eyes on this creature, and I found that little beady red eyes make it look far more sinister. Swapping the #3 angle-connector for a #5 helps to pull the head back towards the body like a real scorpion.

Lastly, as long as I was tweaking the original design, I decided to completely replace the legs with ones that are more appropriately sized for something this large. I would have preferred to add a fourth pair like on a real scorpion, but I couldn't squeeze another set in without making it look too wierd, and I realized that the NUI-JAGA and my PAKU-JAGA MOC are both missing a pair of legs, so maybe scorpions on MATA-NUI only have eight limbs instead of ten.

Cannister front