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The Power Of Purple
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 8, 2001 at 02:42 PM CST:

Above we have images of the front and back views of ONEPU, as well as both sides of the baggie that he ships in.

Being that purple is the coolest color in existence, it's nice to finally get my hands on a purple good-guy character, even if it's only a tiny little TOHUNGA. I had a bit of trouble getting this one, as when I called around to minimize my driving requirement, there were two restaurants that said they were currently selling ONEPU. I went to the closest one, and by the time I got there they were out. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this until after I'd bought two Happy Meals and two extra HM toys...only to find that I'd just bought four more HUKI sets. Don't get me wrong, though. HUKI is great and all, but I really don't need seven of him. I then drove over to the other McD's that was supposed to be selling him, and they were kind enough to trade the four HUKI sets for four ONEPU sets.

Obviously, I feel that this is the best looking TOHUNGA of the seven that have been released, including HAFU from the POWER PACK. There is one thing that is missing from this set, and that is a purple USSAL crab for him to wax.

Below is a shot of the poster side of the instruction page. I didn't include a shot of the other side, since the only difference between that one and the HUKI one is that the two images showing how to assemble the set feature ONEPU instead of HUKI, and the only reason why I showed that side of the HUKI page was to show the pictueres of the three combiner models.

Cannister front