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The End?
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 15, 2001 at 10:07 PM CST:
First of all, there's not really any need to write hints for this section, because there's really only one path open to you. No more exploring the island either.

Anyways, you finally get to find out what your character's true name is, and what (s)he looks like. Much to my disappointment, the little guy is not purple from head to toe.

You also get to see what MAKUTA looks like, and I have to say he's quite funny. He does appear to get defeated, but I'm not ready to accept that he's truly gone. Man, I wish they'd release him as a set, though...

Oh, and you get to see who really wakes up the BOHROK.

When it's all said and done, you get dropped at the Episode Book, and you can watch every video from the entire game, but you can't actually return to the game itself.

As a story installment, this is easily the most interesting and least predictable one so far, but it doesn't really have that video game feel like the rest of the episodes did. Still, I want that MAKUTA...

UPDATE: I just remembered that this is the ninth update, but there are ten slots on the TA-WAHI telescope calander. Given that there's not a lot of room left to argue that this is or is not the end (Since they actually display the words, "THE END") I can see three posibilities for what this means:

1. Due to all of the setbacks that happened, starting with September, they had to pare down the rest of the game to fit it in the time frame. The problem with this was that the telescope shows the final episode being due in January.

2. There might be another online game in the works, dealing with the events following the arrival of the BOHROK. This makes sense due to how a few months ago, the last calander image was changed to a fuzzy representation of the red BOHROK, but it doesn't really explain why it would be shown in this game.

3. The final installment was never really intended to be an 'installment'. Rather it was meant to represent when the BOHROK sets would finally be officially released.

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