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The Dirt, The Whole Dirt, And Nothing But The Dirt
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 12, 2001 at 11:01 PM CST:
I kept checking around with a few of my contacts, and most of what I kept getting was that they had heard of the cancellation from, that LEGO? was not currently producing a book, nor had they authorized one, and that Alexander Skinnerton has never written any other books.

Finally, after about a week of digging into the details, what I found out was that the book was cancelled quite a few months ago, probably before MaskofDestiny even got off the ground. The confusion is a result of the fact that the ISBN was never cancelled and the book industry was never informed that the book project had been shelved. With no information to the contrary, book distributers probably assumed it was right on schedule, until the publication date came and went. Furthermore, since this project seems to have died in the planning stages, most people within the LEGO? organization, including Consumer Affairs, probably never even heard of it.

As for the PC game, the official website has been updated to reflect the cancelled status, and for the first time, a bit of detail about the programming problems has slipped out, citing that chipset compatibility and timing issues were one of the deciding factors. This may not mean much to a lot of our viewers, but if you've ever heard about the floating point math problems with the original Pentium chip, that should give you an idea why some processor chips can run a given program, but others will hack up a giant furball.

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