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The Crab, And The Other Crab, And The Other Other Crab, And The...Saw-Crab
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 19, 2002 at 10:55 PM CST:

The first one is PAKIKI, my favorite of the bunch. I did some research and was able to find out all of the USSAL parts that have been made in purple. There aren't many, but I've used them all for building this version.

In addition to the color changes, I put a little more power into this guy's punch. I replaced the #2 black friction pins with black tow-balls, to help keep the rubber-band in place, and then I swapped out the two small black rubber-bands with a larger red elastic-band that I got in a Destroyer Droid set.

The next one is KOPIPI, another purple one. This one, however, has claw-arms that are fixed in position, which will make it safer for aquarium use. And it's not a very outgoing crab. (as I pointed out in my USSAL review, the posability of the eye-stalks allows for a wide range of expressions)

Next is ANINI, a grey USSAL, also with fixed-position claw-arms. This is the one that will most likely end up swimming with my Caecilian Worm.

Here you can see how the arms can be pinned in place, by pulling out the rubber-band pins and using #3 black friction pins to link the claw-arms to the ONUA claws. For the purpose of this image, I replaced the black friction pin with a light-grey one so it would show up better.

And the final one is MAINA, a black saw-crab, using #2 plus-rods and a pair of black 20-tooth gears with the fixed-position arm design. Originally this was only intended to be a pure black USSAL, which required that I get a little creative in how I dealt with the bushings and half-bushings, which only come in light-grey. However, I was asked to build a saw-crab, and it didn't involve much extra work, so I decided to go ahead and do it.

And finally, just for fun, is an image that should be familiar to anyone who has thoroughly explored the MNOLG...

Cannister front