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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Mark on January 15, 2003 at 12:00 AM CST:
The first thing you notice about the comic is its new, diminuitive size: 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" (137 mm x 210 mm). Inside, the story picks up where #9 left off. The TOA NUVA, stripped of their elemental powers by the theft of their Nuva symbols, have re-grouped in search of what they soon discover is the BOHROK-KAL. (Note: I believe the hyphenated form is the official form, but "BOHROK KAL" without the hyphen also appears in the comic.) Without their elemental powers, the TOA NUVA are forced to rely on their KANOHI NUVA masks and any other masks they can find laying about.

The BOHROK-KAL, like the BOHROK before them, really don't have any interest in the TOA NUVA. They just want to find CAHDOK and GAHDOK. Since finding CAHDOK and GAHDOK would almost certainly lead to the return of the BOHROK swarms and their destructive ways, the TOA NUVA decide to stop the BOHROK-KAL. That proves difficult, since the BOHROK-KAL wield the powers of magnetic force, plasma, gravity, electricity, sonic power, and vacuum blast (GAHLOK-KAL, PAHRAK-KAL, NUHVOK-KAL, TAHNOK-KAL, KOHRAK-KAL, and LEHVAK-KAL, respectively). There is some fighting and arguing in the comic too, just to keep things interesting.

This issue ends with a teaser for the next, which appears to be jam-packed: the mystery of the BAHRAG ? revealed, the return of the EXO-TOA, and more TOA NUVA vs. BOHROK-KAL action. In addition to the story pages, the centerfold explains the origin of the BOHROK-KAL. (Check out the Comic #10 Item below for pictures of the BOHROK-KAL). The next-to-last page talks about "the secret of the symbols," and the final page gives you six reasons to visit BIONICLE.COM: secrets of the BOHROK-KAL revealed, new animations, new wallpaper and screensavers, new desktop toy, BIONICLE games, and most importantly ? Mata Nui 2 Online Game coming in May. This page also reveals the source of the BOHROK "Chikt, chikt" sound: an Apple mouse!

The inside back cover wants you to sign up a friend to the LEGO? Club free. The back cover promises these exciting products for Summer 2003: The Official Guide To BIONICLE? and BIONICLE? novels from Scholastic, and a new "BIONICLE?: The Mask of Light" board game! You can see the MASK OF LIGHT on the box top.

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