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The Brick
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 29, 2003 at 06:35 PM CST:
This gigantic brick-built LEGO? brick measures approximately 7.5" by 3.75" by 2.5"...well, actually, it's really 4" wide, but you'll understand why in a bit.

If you turn it around, the other side of it looks a bit different. For one thing, it's got a tiny LEGO? logo printed on the side of one of the giant studs, but more importantly there's a small red tag that almost seems to look up at you and beg, "Pull me!" Not one to refuse a request from strange little red tags, I, of course, pulled it.

Pulling the tag causes a large drawer to slide out of the side of the brick, revealing the official LEGO? Toy Fair 2003 invitation. But wait, there's more! You see, the brick had been making a strange rattling sound this whole time, and pulling the invitation out of the drawer reveals...

Bricks! Yes, who but The LEGO? Company would send a brick built with bricks, and filled with more bricks as a way to invite someone to come see even more bricks?

The invitation, when fully opened, reads as follows:

From "master" builders to "sporty" players to "crafty" girls, the LEGO? brand has something for everyone in 2003.

* If you had all of the coolest, most versatile and colorful LEGO pieces ever found in one collection, "What Will You Make?" Now, imagine being able to bring your creations to life...Come get inspired by a new line that celebrates classic construction like never before!

* Ever dreamt of being a sports hero? Making the pass for the perfect shot? Winning the game...and even playing by your own rules? Come get your game on with a whole new category of build-and-play games - and see how sports are played the LEGO way...

* Take LEGO values of creativity, imagination, fun, self-expression and open-ended play, add a whole lot of style and you end up with a new way to get crafty that's really going to "clik" with girls.

Join us February 16-19 at the American International Toy Fair for an exclusive tour of the 2003 LEGO assortment to discover 160 different reasons to "Play On..."

The rest of the invitation lists some phone numbers and addresses for scheduling a showroom appointment. They're really only important if you're invited to the showroom (in which case you'd have a copy of the invitation) so I blanked them out in the image above.

Anyways, the invitation did ask "What Will You Build?" Here's my answer. It's not the greatest MOC I've ever built by a long shot, but it does manage to use every single piece from the drawer. It also fits nicely between four studs on the top of the brick, which is probably where it will end up after I show the brick off at work.
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