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Who is your favorite Toa?


Teeny Tiny TAHU II
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 4, 2001 at 06:32 PM CST:
I checked with Leah at LEGO Direct, and this is the final version of the game, but the README file didn't get updated to reflect that. This program was actually contracted out to a company called iToons, which has a website here. I assumed it was a trial version because some of the text in the README file mentioned that they were looking for a different name than 'Desktop Toa', but that's the current name. They also mentioned that they needed kids to try it out, and well, that's certainly been happening, from the amount of responses I've received. Anyways, I've been told that the README will be tweaked sometime in the next couple of days, so if you care about the correct version, keep checking back at the official site as they will post when it is updated.

Another thing I checked was to see if it was okay for us to post the codes to unlock the other KANOHI. The original intent had been for this to be a way to bring people back to the website on a regular basis, but since people are already passing the codes around, I was told that there wasn't a problem with us posting them as well, so here they are:

ohik: HAU
naki: PAKARI
anio: KAKAMA
hano: KAUKAU
onan: MIRU
koin: AKAKU

If you don't know the BIONICLE? alphabet, the letters spell 'KANOHI' in a clockwise direction, with the 'K' at the top. As I mentioned yesterday, MoD readers Poorpip and Chris Viloria wrote in to tell me the full list of codes, though by that time the only one I was missing was for KAKAMA.

Today, MoD reader Portmann Werner wrote in to let us know that when TAHU is wearing the KAUKAU, if you click his MASK, he'll dive down to the bottom of the screen. When he hits a wall, he'll do a flip-kick again and every pass across the screen he'll rise a bit higher until he's swimming in the middle of the screen again.

Cannister front