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Take Three. They're Small.
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 25, 2002 at 10:07 PM CST:
Okay, if you stopped by the website that I mentioned in yesterday's CCG review, you should have noticed that the three mini-comics are available for online viewing, which is nice for those of you who don't live in North America. However, since I have all three mini-comics at this point, I never bothered to read the online versions. MoD reader Vasile Stocia wrote in to point out that the online mini-comics have the comic codes printed on their cover-scans. (Also nice for those of you who don't live in North America, though if you don't have at least one of the mini-comics, I wouldn't rely on those codes to stay posted forever.) They also seem to have better versions of the cover artwork, with a lot more of the detail showing up.

As for the codes themselves, there are three pages that require them for access. One gives you lots of view of the EXO-TOA, another gives you lots of views of the BOHROK, and the third...well, the third page isn't listed as available yet, though it claims to pertain to MATA NUI in some capacity. NOTE: All three codes begin with a letter, not a number. If you type it in as all numbers, it will not work.

The first part, TALE OF THE TOA, features NOKAMA and the GA-KORONAN villagers, all six TOA, a pair of NUI-RAMA, a NUI-JAGA, a couple MANAS, and a legion of TAHNOK. It's basically a recap of everything that has gone before, and ending with the arrival of the BOHROK.

The second part, SECRET OF THE SWARM, features KONGU, MATAU, LEWA, TAHU, KOPAKA, GALI, all six BOHROK breeds and a pile of assorted KRANA. In this chapter, the six BOHROK breeds are described, most likely for the benefit of those young McD's patrons who don't really follow BIONICLE?. We also see how at least one village first became aware of the BOHROK threat.

The third part, INTO THE NEST, features NOKAMA and her villagers again, as well as the six TOA, some TAHNOK VA, Cahdok, Gahdok, and the EXO-TOA suits. In the final chapter, the TOA descend into the BOHROK nest to battle CAHDOK and GAHDOK. We find out exactly why they had to collect so many KRANA, and we get a hint as to how the TOA evolve into the TOA NUVA.

The first interior page and the last six pages are the same in all three comics, though they are not present in the online versions. The first page shows the six BOHROK surrounding a brief exposition for the benefit of those who don't follow the storyline. After the comic pages are done, the next four pages are all devoted to rules for the CCG and a checklist of the available cards. The last interior page is a coupon for a free subscription to the LEGO? Club, and the back cover is an ad page for the three July releases. (BOXOR, EXO-TOA, and CAHDOK/GAHDOK)

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