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TRU Event March 8-10
Posted by Mark on February 5, 2002 at 08:24 PM CST:
I stopped by my local Toys ?R? Us store today and noticed a new LEGO? display near the front of the store. The display is promoting LEGO? Month (March) and three separate events. Here is the news: The BIONICLE? Event is scheduled for Friday March 8th, Saturday March 9th, and Sunday March 10th.

There were no details about the event, but there were wall-to-ceiling BOHROK. I quickly found five BOHROK canisters with KRANA I do not yet have. No KRANA packs or BOHROK VA were on display though. Four mylar balloons were attached to the display. Each balloon had the same picture of TAHNOK on it.

Cannister front