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TOHUNGA Chorus Line
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 16, 2001 at 02:50 PM CST:
This is a pretty simple to make, requiring only four JALA sets and three red KAKAMA MASKS from the KANOHI packs. Oddly enough, five copies of the red KAKAMA combo would allow you to build close to 1/3 of the visible TA-KORNAN population. Three sets of JALA, left as they are, will get you JALA, the guy in the chorus line, and the guy polishing the shrine, and, of course, VAKAMA works just as he is. If red legs are ever produced, all six of the basic guards (including KAPURA in the black forest) could be made with red PAKARI MASKS, the tunnel guard and the surfer with two red KAKAMA, and the city winchroom guard with a red MIRU, which would flesh out the entire online village with 18 residents.

One of the two other villages where you can build so many of the residents is ONU-KORO, which requires a very expensive combination of ONEPU arms/torso and HAFU legs, from the CD set, to get a solid black body.

The third is Ga-Koro, which looks like it requires three blue KAKAMA, two blue PAKARI, and a blue HAU for everyone that you can get a good look at. It looks like the construction workers would require a couple of blue PAKARI as well, but there's not much to check against, unlike TA-KORO, where all of the other marching guards wear the same MASK.

On a similar note, I am interested in trading for a turqoise KAKAMA from the TARAKAVA set. I realize that most people aren't going to want to let that one go very easily, but I have tons of spares from the KANOHI packs, including many unopened head-packs, and a bunch of spare TOA arms and legs, and two black torsos from my series of TOA KINO. I also have two spare MASKS from HUKI, MAKU, and the blue NUI-JAGA, and one spare MASK from JALA, and the NUI-RAMA.

Cannister front