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TOA NUVA Knocking On Your Door
Posted by Mark on October 30, 2002 at 12:00 AM CST:
Michelle's TOA NUVA Costume Parts List:

Sweats in each main color (two sweatshirts were spliced together for each TOA NUVA - example: TAHU NUVA is red with orange sleeves)
Black turtlenecks
Black gloves
Bucket hats in each main color (masks were hot-glued to the hat)
1/4" White foam board (masks, shoulder armor, and weapons)
1/8" Black foam with 'sticky' back (detail on weapons & wrapped on handles)
Sticker paper & clear laminating sheets (masks)
Disposable plastic bowls (cut in half for the shoulder armor)
Fake black leather material w/felt lining (front & shoulder armor)
Tacky glue (to glue armor onto sweatshirts)
Hot glue (to put together shoulder armor, masks, and weapon handles)
Silver acrylic fabric paint for armor
Grey & silver spray paint for shoulder armor & weapons
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