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Posted by Purple_Dave on March 9, 2002 at 10:15 PM CST:
The card I got from Colin at the Times Square TRU was the P1, which adds +300 to GAHLOK's swimming stat. When I was at the TRU BOHROK event today, the store clerk and I peeked in about 50 packs (no, we didn't open any of them) and couldn't find more that three different cards. Needless to say, I was a bit confused, since there are six BOHROK. I walked out of the store with a P2 pack and a P3 pack, and when I opened them in the car, I first noticed that they were still just +300 Swimming cards for GAHLOK. Nothing different. And then I looked at the images. The only difference between the three GAHLOK foil cards is the artwork.

After I got them home I pulled out my copy of the P1 card and I examined the three more closely. I recognized the artwork for the P1 and P3 cards pretty quickly, but it took me a while to place the P2 artwork, since my first guess was only half right. Anyways, here are the three promo cards shown alongside matching images from the GAHLOK instruction book (though they are also present in the other five instruction books):

Here's the P1 promo shown with the back of the GAHLOK instruction book. This artwork also showed up in the basic 2002 insert catalog and the 2002 TECHNIC? insert catalog.

Next we have the P2 promo shown along with the last page in the GAHLOK instruction book. This one confused me at first because the actual GAHLOK in this image also shows up as the largest GAHLOK on the front cover of the 2002 Spring S@H Catalog.

And finally we have the P3 promo, shown with the front of the GAHLOK instruction book. This image was also used as the main artwork for the GAHLOK pod label.

UPDATE: Okay, I just noticed in a post by Chartan on BZCommunity that the card backs are different from basically all the other cards. My guess on this is that since Upper Deck is going to be selling three new paired BOHROK decks (like the TOA ones) they decided to make new card backs so you can't use cards for the TOA and BOHROK in the same deck.

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