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Squashing Rumors
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 4, 2001 at 11:28 AM CST:
Someone just told me that BIONICLE? stands for "Bio-mechanical Chronicle". That's not true, and I have no idea where this information originated. It stands for "Biological Chronicle" and the proof can be found in this interview.

Update: The interview page is no longer available online.

HAFU, the TOHUNGA that comes with the BIONICLE? POWER-PACK, is not from a rumored seventh village. He's just another villager from PO-KORO. Remember, it takes more than one villager to make a village, so expect to see a lot of TOHUNGA toys before LEGO? puts this line to rest. They're cheap to produce, they're plentiful in number, and they all present the opportunity to create new KANOHI variations. In other words, they are guaranteed sales as far as us collectors are concerned, but they only have six villages, not seven. Anyways, if you want to catch a glimpse of the sheer variety to be found in the TOHUNGA characters, play the MATA NUI ONLINE GAME and take a peek in all the villages.

There is also a rumor of an upcoming seventh TOA. I didn't believe it when I saw it posted, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the LEGO people. Leah, the Senior Producer at LEGO? Direct, assured me that currently there are no plans for a seventh TOA character, though there will be other non-TOA characters introduced at some point. She didn't say what characters, but it's a safe bet that if they aren't putting out another TOA, they won't put out another TURAGA either.

On a related note, I know there are people, myself included, who would love to see the various domesticated animals from the MATA NUI ONLINE GAME turned into plastic, and I passed that info on to Leah, but that doesn't mean we'll ever see them on the store shelves. Of course, I would probably have to buy an army of the purple ONU-KORO Ussal Crabs if they do produce them...

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