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Spotlight: GOLD HAU
Posted by Mark on November 11, 2001 at 10:39 PM CST:
Every now and again I will spotlight interesting items up for auction or for sale. Unless otherwise stated, I do not have any knowledge about the seller or the item. Caveat Emptor!

This time around, it is the Golden HAU on eBay. The mask is a HAU which has been plated, not painted, with a golden color (not actual gold) by the seller.

You might want to wait for the real thing though instead. In the October 2001 BIONICLE? DC Comic (Part 3 of 3), the inside back cover features the four "ultimate Kanohi": KANOHI VAHI, INFECTED MASK, COPPER MASK OF VICTORY, and ... GOLD MASKS! Here is what it says about the GOLD MASKS:

Cannister front