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Splish Splash
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 30, 2002 at 09:12 PM CST:

The GA-KORONAN villagers became very interested in the speed and agility of the BioCycles for scouting purposes, but the standard land-based BioCycle is pretty useless when you live on giant lilypads and work on boats. What they needed was something that could operate at high speeds on the water, and that requires something that rides on the water, not in the water. Thus the BioSkimmer was created.

The design is simple, and allows the BioSkimmer to be operated at full speed in water that's at least waist high on a MATORAN. It rides on four float-pads, and is propelled by a pair of jet thrusters that run on liquid PROTODERMIS. They burn hot enough that a heat shield had to be installed over them so the pilot's feet don't get uncomfortably warm after a long day scouting the waters of NAHO BAY.

While the BioSkimmers can't really compete in the BioCycle Racing League, WHATI, the lead test-pilot, is hopeful that she can get a league started for BioSkimmer pilots who want to test their skills against each other.

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