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Smaller Bigger TOA
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 6, 2001 at 06:50 PM CST:
Michael, the PR Manager for LEGO Systems, was kind enough to send this giant cardboard TAHU display to me. It measures 5' 10" tall, and a little less than 3' wide. There are two slots on the left side, which would normally be used to attach some sort of informational add-on, and I posed my TAHU model hanging from the top slot to give a better sense of perspective. My local TRU does not have a TAHU display, so I don't know if this is the same one they are supposed to have near the front door, but it looks very similar in design to the LIFE ON MARS display that was present back in March.

While the one I received was slightly damaged during the trip (one finger was bent, and small protrusions were slightly crushed) the bulk of it arrived in rather nice shape. I did have to rearrange part of my bedroom to put it up, as most of my living room has been consumed by my Star Wars collection (parts of which are visible on either side of the display) but if I'd been sent that display that Gregg posed with, I'd have had to ask my landlord to raise the roof in my apartment a few feet!

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