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Who is your favorite Toa?


Slave 0.8
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 30, 2002 at 09:29 PM CST:
Okay, so you're looking to build some MOCs, and you're looking for a few really odd pieces. Well, here's where you can find some of them:

Slave I
Not much here, but I thought I should mention it because people like to point out that it has two tan POHATU toes. Just like POHATU. If you're really looking to get a pair of these, I'd very much suggest just picking up Mr. Brown and saving yourself $42.

Darth Vader
Black. Lots of black. If you just want a wide array of basic black TECHNIC? pieces, this is probably the set for you. However, there are still a few choice items to be found. The most notable one is the all-black BOHROK faceplate, though that's supposed to be shipping with the EXO-TOA in a few months. Next, you've got one black chest-ball and one dark-grey TOA hip (first time I've seen it in that color). There's ten of those popular white #2 plus-rods that I used to make the sample Murasaki tail. It's also chock full of the 0.5x1x2 micro-liftarm in black. (I love this piece and I wish it had been available when I designed the head for my Dragon of Fire) I don't know exactly how many there are, but I know that I used 18 of them on my NOAOKE BOHROK, and they all came from one set. (It should be noted that with the exception of the extra black TOA hips, one of the egg-shaped cams, the two #2 length pipes where the eyes normally are, the dark-grey NUHVOK VA brainpan, and the KRANA, everything I used to build the NOAOKE came from this set and a NUHVOK set.) You also get a couple black C-clips and one black THROWBOT foot.

This set is all-around great. It's one of the best Star Wars sets to come down the pipe (though I have heavily modified mine), and the piece selection is simply excellent. It's got a wide array of white plus-rods, ranging from #2 to #8, two light-grey #8 plus-rods, a dark-blue C-clip, and a wide array of those micro-liftarms in white, light-grey, and dark-blue. There's also a pair of white THROWBOT feet, which might be the first time they've been produced in that color. If you're looking for generic white TECHNIC? parts, this set is probably comparative with the Stormtrooper when you figure piece-price and over-all range of selection.

Jango Fett
Um, two black TOA feet, four light-grey chest-balls, three light-grey THROWBOT feet (also first time I've seen it in that color), and two light-grey TOA hip-joints (and again, first time I've seen it in that color) are the main treats. One of the black C-clips and a few of those micro-liftarms in black, light-grey, and HUKI-brown are scattered throughout. The belt is made with regular brown parts, which are nearly impossible to find in TECHNIC? sets, as are the light-grey plus-rods (#6) used for his pistol barrels. Possible new colors are a bluish-purple and a sea blue.

Super Battle Droid
This is probably the one that's going to draw the most interest. To start with, you've got four NUHVOK hand-shields and a GALI hook all in the same light blue as NOKAMA's mask. There are a few other light-blue pieces, including a THROWBOT foot. Then you've got two TOA feet and two ROBORIDER heads in this weird metallic blue (think metallic KANOHI...but silvery-blue) along with a slew of other basic parts in the same color, including two more of those micro-liftarms. Two black left MATORAN arms round out the BIONICLE? flavor, and eight white #2 plus-rods are thrown in just for kicks. Then you've got eight of these cool new racheting twin-joint assemblies. The main joint bends, and one half of the assembly rotates. (people who make mecha MOCs are going to color-coordinate their upcoming stuff to use these because they're just that cool...)

I'm not listing parts from these because you probably won't find them at K-Mart. Still, if you can find them on sale, you should at least take the time to scan the box images to see if there's anything you really need.

Cannister front