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Silver And Gold
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 9, 2002 at 08:28 PM CST:
Okay, so the gold KANOHI are pretty easy to place in the storyline, but what about those silver ones? And what powers do the they have? And do the TOA have to wear gold KANOHI before they can form the TOA KAITA? Wonder no more...

The gold KANOHI have the power of Valor, and the silver KANOHI have the power of Wisdom. Additionally, they retain the powers of every KANOHI that the TOA collected prior to upgrading to a metallic KANOHI. The TOA can wear either gold or silver KANOHI, even though we've never seen a regular TOA wearing a silver one yet.

As mentioned in the official Lexicon, AKAMAI, the TOA KAITA of Valor, wears AKI, the gold MASK of Valor, while WAIRUHA, the TOA KAITA of Wisdom, wears RUA, the silver MASK of Wisdom. These are essentially the same KANOHI that the TOA wear, but it turns out that when the TOA form the TOA KAITA, the MASK worn by that TOA KAITA becomes more powerful than when it's worn by a regular TOA. It does sorta make sense, since they are essentially three MASKS merged into one.

Lastly, I asked if the TOA can form the TOA KAITA before they've upgraded to gold KANOHI. It turns out that yes, they can...but in the official storyline they were not aware of that ability until after they had all completed their collection of KANOHI.

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