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Silver...Sterling Silver
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 4, 2003 at 10:08 PM CST:
While this sterling silver KRANA-KAL was produced by The LEGO? Company, it's not one of the 72 that have been officially released, as they weren't allowed to include the certificate of authenticity for legal reasons (if they did, there'd either be 73 with official certificates, or there'd only be 71 randomly packed in BK pods).

For the purposes of comparing them in this article, all of the full-size images show the sterling silver KRANA-KAL on the right, and the white-metal KRANA-KAL on the left.

One of the most noticable differences between the SSKK and the WMKK is the weight. Silver is considerably heavier than this particular white metal alloy, and, since it turns out the SSKK is actually bulkier than the WMKK, it weighs almost twice as much. Almost. The images above show a home-made brick-built KRANA scale, and while it's probably not perfectly accurate, it's good enough to show just how much more the SSKK weighs.

NOTE: Before anyone else asks to trade or purchase one from me, I should point out that in the second scales image, the WMKK on the left and the SSKK on the right are mine, and the WMKK in the middle actually belongs to Mark.

The other most noticable difference is the color. The WMKK looks dull and greyish, while the SSKK looks brightly polished and has a warmer color tone. Once you look beyond the color, you also notice a number of physical differences. The WMKK, for safety purposes, had to have its upper tips blunted after it was produced, and the result is ugly mushroomed caps that look like they've been damaged, and can scuff a TOA'S head if attached to them. The SSKK, on the other hand, has nicely rounded tips that required no post-production alterations. The WMKK also has a large blemish on the underside of the chin, which was likely caused by the same process that resulted in the blunted tips, as it's not present on the SSKK. Running down the sides of the WMKK are mold seams that are also absent fromt he SSKK. However, the most telling difference of all is the fact that the SSKK has "STERLING" stamped in tiny letters immediately above the MASK CODE on the back. Eventually, I suppose, the SSKK will also develop a layer of black tarnish, but only time will tell.

UPDATE: As far as the storyline goes, the WMKK and SSKK are one and the same, much like how the plastic gold HAU from the KRANA pack serves the same purpose as the limited edition 14 karat solid gold HAU. To acquire the Silver KRANA-KAL, a BOHROK-KAL must first possess all eight basic KRANA-KAL shapes, much like how the TOA had to find all six GREAT KANOHI before they could upgrade to the Gold and Silver KANOHI. They also have to be very near the BAHRAG, according to the center spread in comic #11. Once they do, they are invulnerable, unable to be harmed by any outside source...though there is, perhaps, one tiny catch (check comic #12 for more info, when it arrives).

Cannister front