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Sharp Pointy Teeth!
Posted by Purple_Dave on July 21, 2002 at 10:44 AM CST:

I'm not fond of the split-sided color scheme, with red on the right and blue on the left, so that's going to be the second thing I fix. The first thing was repositioning the upper ends of the leg-tubes to hide them from view.

This is one of those models that I found I had to build before I could really get an idea of whether I liked it or not. The articulation leaves something to be desired, but the menacing look of pure danger more than makes up for it. Being a Star Wars fan, I think it looks something like a four-legged Acklay with the head of a Nexu.

For basic articulation, this creature has pivoting hips that swing in and out, but not up and down. It also has articulated feet, which pivot up and down and can rotate a bit, but I found the leg-tubes seriously limit the amount of movement these can do. You can also rotate the upper tail a bit, but that's more a result of construction than design. And that's pretty much all the articulation there is, beyond the attack feature.

The attack is a biting attack that's very similar to the BAHRAG attack, but there is no disabler mechanism. (With the lack of KANOHI, that makes this the only bad-guy with no mechanical vulnerabilities) Like the BAHRAG twins, this attack requires a very forceful pull. If you don't pull hard enough, the mechanism binds up on itself when the mouth is fully open, unlike with MUAKA and KANE-RA. I'm beginning to get the idea that this is an inevitable result of combining the M/K-R biting style of attack with the BOHROK lever-attack design. Either way, this creature's mouth opens wide enough that you can have ONEWA stand fully inside the mouth. Well, if you can convince him that this is a good idea...

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