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Sea of Darkness
Posted by Mark on July 18, 2007 at 09:36 AM CST:
The cover of BIONICLE®: Ignition - Sea of Darkness is a thing of beauty. Too bad there appears to have been a printing mishap that has left a line across the middle. (No, it's not part of the picture. The flaw extends onto the back cover image.) This whole issue is really a tour de force for colorist Alex Bleyaert. Sadly, there are only twelve pages in this issue, counting the covers and the centerfold "feature" on the TOA MAHRI.


The issue jumps right into the story, devoting two pages to the transformation of the TOA INIKA into the TOA MAHRI. There is a quick stop to visit DEFILAK, and then it's on to fighting the BARRAKI. We get fighting, we get humor, but most of all we get slapped in the face with MAKUTA.

Yes, the big bad boy is back, and he was sorely missed. But MAKUTA's return is much too abrupt for my taste. I would have preferred some innuendo and a couple of hints with a smattering of suggestion to ponder over for weeks until at least the next comic arrived. Instead, we get two whole panels of suspense.

If I don't get suspense and mystery from MAKUTA, at least I get it from the tag:

Next Issue: Not a joke! Not an illusion! The Death of Mata Nui!

Although, if you read it literally, it completely takes away what could have been a most shocking and unanticipated conclusion to the BIONICLE saga.

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