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Who is your favorite Toa?


Scuba NUVA
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 3, 2002 at 10:10 PM CST:

I'm not fond of the new TOA NUVA legs as it is, but when you use them for arms, they look incomplete due to how the hollow side faces forward. I also don't like how the new design abandoned the nice sleek streamlined look that the original GALI had.

I do like the Aqua Axes, however. They have a rather interesting shape to them, both from a play standpoint and an injection molding one. The odd thing is that while they are supposed to be useful for climbing cliffs, like the original hooks, the hook formed by the axe blades is not wide enough to grab much of anything. Still, the shape of the blade is interesting.

GALI NUVA's big trick is that she basically turns into a submarine. She can breathe underwater, thanks to the power of the KAUKAU NUVA, she's got propellers to push her through the water, and she can attach the Aqua Axes to her feet to use as steering fins. Of course, she probably needs a bit of assistence if she's going to insist on swimming while wearing all of that heavy armor...

The similarities between the KAUKAU NUVA and the original HAU are freaky. They've got the same eye-holes, the same forehead hole, and nearly the same side profile. And yet, the KAUKAU NUVA looks vaguely monkey-like.

This can has one of the more interesting pieces of artwork so far. I particularly like the bubble effect applied to GALI NUVA's props.

Cannister front