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S@H Goodness
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 29, 2002 at 08:14 AM CST:
MoD readers Stephen Mott and Bauke van der Veen have pointed out that both ONUA NUVA and LEWA NUVA are listing on the S@H website. They are currently not available in North America, but every other S@H country has them up for grabs.

MoD reader Rodger Yeats also pointed out that the four SPYBOTICS? sets (GIGAMESH G60, SNAPTRAX S45, TECHNOJAW T55, and SHADOWSTRIKE S70) have also been added to the system. So far they are only listing for pre-order world-wide, to be delivered in mid to late July, depending on where you are ordering from. They're listing as Not Available in Austria, France, Portugal, and Spain, and only SNAPTRAX and TECHNOJAW are up for pre-order in Germany.

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